Roxburgh Production Fund

Building The Fund

Capital and Equity invested in the fund will be split in two; a percentage into financial instruments to create an external, monthly to year regular income. The second half will be used to find, develop and create film, online tv and other creative productions, as well as buying businesses,  which we have decided can fill a niche, have broad enough appeal and can realise real income gains in the medium to long term

In today's overcrowded and sometimes hostile environment, it is prudent to be different from other funds, through diversification and differential from other production companies by spending time and resources (within a tight time frame), to discover the best elemental from every project and production.

Creative Investments

Our Primarily investments will be focus on the following sectors:

  • Feature Film - Original, well written, developed properly, multi-genre;
  • Online television Series - Children's television, sci-fi, drama;
  • Animation - the UK has trains many animators,but no single studio;
  • Post-Production Facilities - The Real bedrock of any film, bring productions together;
  • Creative Products - Sound Libraries, Animations, and other inventions with an entertainment value;