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Introduction to the Roxburgh Production Fund

Structure and Mission

The fund we are proposing will be an Incubator fund, set up in the British Virgin Islands and is currently looking for sophisticated investors to be part of this opportunity.

The fund will control the Intellectual Property, license the productions and have them produced with our onshore  production company based in London.

There will be divisions within the fund, focusing on different areas:

  • Belixier Entertainment LLC - Feature Film
  • Kelso Productions - Online TV
  • Montrose Animation - Animation
  • Selkirk Post - Post-Production
  • Berwick Creatives - Creative Products
  • Roxburgh Financial Services - Advising Investors and Creatives, developing new relationships and financing models
Also, we are research the possibility of creating a digital channel and building two new studios in London.

This type of set up has many advantages like being Brexit proof, conserves finance, tax efficient, does not rely on the Tax Credit or EIS to finance projects.

The limitations on this type of fund are;

  • Total Number of Investors is 20
  • Total Size £15M/$20M
  • Lifetime 2 Years with an extension up to  3 years

Likewise, the fund will create a lot of leverage when it comes to negotiations when it is time to sell and distribute.

It is our goal to become the 'go-to' people for advice and investment for investors and creatives now and in the future, through the Roxburgh Financial Services division. 

Please click here to download our two page Summary of the Roxburgh Production Fund.